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Objective of this Internet publication is to collect and present all available information on Stromboidea gastropods, both pictures and written information, including an abundant collection of references. At the moment this internet publication contains more than 3000 pictures, 1500 species names on more than 3000 pages coming from more than 80 contributors worldwide.

Please join us with your knowledge on Stromboidea, dear Malacologist, dear Paleontologist, dear Collector and dear Librarian. You are invited to share your knowledge on species, localities, stratigraphic layers, your pictures and films with the editors of this Internet publication.

Ulrich Wieneke, Han Stoutjesdijk, Philippe Simonet, Virgilio Liverani and Antoine Heitz

The editor and supporter community

Stromboidean examples, which can be found here. Can you name the families? The genera? The species?

Stromboidea are a group of gastropods, that contain some well-known species, such as Aporrhais pespelecani or Strombus gigas. About 100 recent species are adding to more than 1700 fossil (known) forms. Aporrhais pespelecani
Drawing of an Aporrhais pespelecani found on an old cameo. (see Schifko, 2007) Very early mankind recognises Stromboidean gastropods. Examples can be found in archeologic collections all over the world. The first written mentioning of an Aporrhaid may not be done by Aristotle, but he already used the words "aporrhaid" and "strombus" about 2400 years ago. (see here) A cameo from that time shows an Aporrhais pespelecani

This publication has two objectives:

  • It is an information science project and
  • it is a natural science project.

The information science aspect deals with the following questions:

  1. What is the effort to gather all information on Stromboidea from all sources?
  2. What kind of skills does a scientist need to do this?
  3. Are there efficiency effects due to direct information sharing via the Internet?

The natural science aspect is related to several scientific disciplines: Biology, Paleontology and Geology. Questions and tasks are:

  1. What is the evolutionary tree of Stromboidea looking like?
  2. How good is the fossil record of Stromboidea?
  3. How can a balanced description of families, genera and species of Stromboidea look like?

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